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Name of Herb
Suggested Use
AGRIMONY This herb is used for all digestive disorders. Will strengthen stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.
ALFALFA Alfalfa is a good source of carotene (Vitamin A). It is useful in reducing fevers. Alfalfa is very beneficial to the blood, acting as a blood purifier. Contains natural fluoride, preventing tooth decay and helps rebuild decayed teeth.
ALOE One of the great healing agents we have among the herbs. Works wonderfully in cleaning out the colon. Gives regular bowel movement. Aloe works well on any kind of sore on the outside of the body. Excellent remedy for piles and hemorrhoids.
ANGELICA ROOT Angelica is an effective remedy to strengthen the heart. Excellent in diseases of the lungs and heart. Regular users of Angelica Root develop a distaste for alcoholic beverages. Also a good remedy for stomach troubles, heartburn and gas.
ANISE SEED Anise can prevent fermentation and gas in the stomach and bowels.
ASTRAGALUS This herb is an excellent energizer. It has been used by athletes for energy reserves, especially in the arms and legs. Also useful in cold climates for keeping the body warm. Used with Ginseng, it works as a total body energizer - both inside and out.
BARBERRY BARK Acts on the liver, promoting secretion of bile. It has been used as an aid in the following: Bad breath, digestion, kidneys, liver, rheumatism, skin, and sore throat.
BASIL LEAF Basil, of course, is a splendid spice. When used as a tea, it is an excellent remedy to prevent vomiting.
BAYBERRY BARK Bayberry helps the body in many ways. It improves circulation and tones all the tissues it contacts. Can be used as a gargle for a sore throat. A fomentation applied externally at night will relieve and prevent varicose veins.
BAY LEAF A pleasant tonic which gives tone and strength to the digestive organs. Good for cramps.
BEE POLLEN There are 22 basic elements in the human body - enzymes, hormones, vitamins, amino acids and others - which must be renewed by nutrient intake. No one food contains all of them ... except Bee Pollen. The healing, rejuvenating and disease fighting effects of this total nutrient are hard to believe, yet are fully documented. Aging, digestive upsets, prostate diseases, sore throats, acne, fatigue, sexual problems, allergies and a host of other conditions have been successfully treated by the use of Bee Pollen. Vigorous good health has been maintained by the millions of people who make Bee Pollen a staple of their diets.
BERGAMOT Bergamot benefits include raising HDL (good) cholesterol levels significantly. In addition to lipid control benefits, bergamot reduces anxiety in a natural way when used in aromatherapy.
BILBERRY LEAF Bilberry strengthens tiny capillaries that feed eye muscles and nerves reducing and even reversing the damage caused by blood vessel deterioration. Increases night vision, reduces eye fatigue.
BIRCH BARK Use leaf tea for urinary problems and to expel intestinal worms. Has been used for rheumatism.
BLACKBERRY LEAF Great for treating diarrhea and healing wounds. Makes an excellent tea.
BLACK COHOSH This is an excellent herb to regulate menstrual flow and for menstrual cramps. Black Cohosh has the same effects on the female system as synthetic estrogen, without the side effects. Best of all, Black Cohosh has no cancer causing agents like synthetic estrogen.
(Holy Thistle)
Blessed Thistle is an excellent stimulant tonic for the stomach and heart. It aids circulation and helps to resolve liver problems. It takes oxygen to the brain and strengthens memory.
BLUE COHOSH Generally used to regulate menstrual flow and for suppressed menstruation. Use as a poultice as an emergency remedy for allergic reactions to bee stings.
BLUE FLAG This herb is very relaxing and stimulating. It has been useful in: Cancer, skin diseases, rheumatism, impurity of blood, constipation, and liver troubles.
BLUE VIOLET Relieves severe headaches and congestion in the head. Cleans out mucous in the system. Very effective in healing and giving prompt relief of internal ulcers.
BOLDO LEAF Stimulates digestion and the secretion of bile. Very useful for treating gallstones. Recommended for liver problems.
BONESET This herb is one of the best for colds and flu. When taken for a cold, the infusion has a mile laxative effect.
BORAGE LEAF Does a wonderful job in reducing high fevers. Good for irritation of skin and mucous membranes. As a tea, it is good for lung problems. Good to keep on hand.
BROMELAIN This fat melting enzyme works wonders. Bromelain flushes the fat from your body by naturally stimulating your metabolism and ridding your body of excess fluids.
BUCHU LEAF Buchu leaves are one of the best diuretics known. Excellent when there is pain while urinating. For acute and chronic bladder and kidney disorders, the herb Buchu is most helpful.
BUCKTHORN BARK Keeps the bowels regular, but is not habit forming. Does not irritate the bowels. Effective remedy for appendicitis. Expels worms. Will remove warts.
BURDOCK LEAF & ROOT Extremely good for removing toxins from the body. Strong blood purifier and cleanser. One of the best herbs for severe skin problems. Good for advanced cases of arthritis.
BUTTERNUT BARK Strengthens intestines. Works well for constipation, sluggish liver, fevers or colds.
CALENDULA FLOWER Promotes mending and healing of cuts or wounds when applied as a poultice.
One of the most important herbs. Not enough can be said about this wonderful healer. Normalizes blood pressure. Improves entire circulatory system. Feeds the cell structure of arteries, veins and capillaries so they will regain elasticity. Capsicum is one of the best stimulants. When the body is stimulated properly, the healing and cleansing process starts, allowing the body to function normally. Stops bleeding on contact. Every home should have Capsicum on hand.
CARAWAY SEED Strengthens and gives tone to the stomach, prevents fermentation in the stomach and aids digestion.
CASCARA SAGRADA BARK What a wonderful herb. One of the best remedies for chronic constipation. Will stimulate the secretions of the entire digestive system. Excellent remedy for gallstones. It is very valuable when there are hemorrhoids associated with poor bowel movement.
CATNIP Catnip benefits our body best by quieting our nervous system. Good for stomach gas or cramps. Aids in digestion. Helps clean out mucous in the body.
CELERY LEAF & SEED Effective for incontinence or urine. Good in rheumatism and also nervousness.
CENTAURY This herb stimulates the activity in the salivary gland, bstomach and intestinal gland, thereby relieving constipational gas, and promoting proper digestion.
CHAMOMILE FLOWER Chamomile if one of the herbs that is used both as a beverage and for medicinal purposes. It has a good taste. It is excellent for a nervous stomach. For women, Chamomile has been found to relieve cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.
CHERVIL Chervil is a good stimulant, mild diuretic, lowers blood pressure and is a wonderful cooking spice.
CHICKWEED Rich in Vitamin C and minerals -- especially calcium, magnesium and potassium. This herb helps to carry toxins from the body. Very good blood purifier. It will heal and soothe anything it comes in contact with. Dissolves plaque in blood vessels.
CHICORY ROOT Chicory is valuable for many ailments. Effective in disorders of the kidneys, liver, urinary canal, bstomach, and spleen. Helps to expel the morbid matter and tones up the system in general. Adds zest to coffee.
CINNAMON BARK "Spice with a punch." Cinnamon is one of the world's oldest healers, widely used to prevent infection and indigestion. A little sprinkled on cuts and scrapes takes the sting away. Helps break down fats during digestion.
CLEAVERS One of the best remedies for kidney and bladder troubles. Useful in obstructions of the urinary organ such as stones or gravel. Makes an excellent wash for the face to clear the complexion.
COLOMBO ROOT To strengthen and tone the entire system, this is one of the best and purest tonics. Can be used for colon trouble.
COLTSFOOT It is very soothing to the mucous membranes. Improves lung troubles. Excellent in relieving the chest of phlegm. Useful for asthma, bronchitis and spasmodic coughs.
CORIANDER SEED Coriander is very strengthening to the heart. This herb is a wonderful stomach tonic.
CORNSILK Useful for trouble with the prostate gland. Excellent remedy for kidney and bladder trouble.
CRANBERRY Keeps your kidneys clean. Taken at the first sign of bladder or kidney infection (painful urination, back pain), Cranberry can often provide relief overnight.
CUBEB BERRY Excellent for chronic bladder troubles. Will increase flow of urine.
DAMIANA LEAF Excellent herb for helping with sexual impotency and fertility for both male and female. Strengthens reproductive organs. Helps with menopause, hot flashes.
DANDELION LEAF & ROOT The greatest effect of this herb is to help detoxify any poisons in the liver. Dandelion has also been beneficial in lowering blood pressure.
DON QUAI ROOT This is a most wonderful herb for female troubles.
ECHINACEA ROOT Works especially well in glandular infections and ailments. Used to treat strep throat, lymph glands. Cleanses the morbid matter from the stomach. Also expels poisons and toxins.
ELDER The main use for elder is in the first stages of cold or flu.
FENNEL SEED Fennel is one of the most highly recommended remedies for gas, acid stomach, gout, cramps and spasms. Other benefits include: excellent obesity fighter, makes a good eyewash, and a good liver cleanser.
FENUGREEK SEED Has been used in the following with excellent results: allergies, coughs, digestion, emphysema, headaches, migraines, intestinal inflammation, ulcers, lungs, mucous membranes, and sore throat.
FEVERFEW Anyone who suffers migraines should give this herb a try. It works wonders in fighting against migraines. Thousands have successfully been helped without any side effects. Some other benefits of this herb are: helps reduce inflammation in arthritic joints and has been used to restore liver to normal function.
GENTIAN Useful in fevers and colds. Beneficial to the female organs. Used to strengthen the digestive organs and increase circulation. Gentian is most helpful for liver complaints.
GINGER ROOT Everyone is familiar with this spice, but few realize it can make us healthier. Here are a few things ginger is known for: stimulating the circulatory system, a very good remedy for a sore throat, has a cleansing effect on the kidneys and bowels.
GINKGO BILOBA Research studies indicate that the use of Ginkgo Biloba can help improve blood circulation to the brain. This can help memory and reaction time. Good for Alzheimers and senility, chronic ringing in the ears, arthritis, rheumatism and coldness in the body. Twenty million people in Europe regularly take this herb to stay healthier and feeling younger.
GINSENG ROOT, SIBERIAN This is a tremendously valuable herb. The Chinese call Ginseng a cure-all. Excellent to build resistance against stress, both mental and physical. Has been considered by many people to slow the aging process.
GOLDENSEAL This herb is most valuable because it is a remedy for scores of ailments. Here are just a few examples: Bladder infections, bronchitis, cankers, coughs, colds, earaches, inflammations, mouth sores, mucous membranes, nasal passages, ulcers, and the list goes on. This is an expensive herb, but ask anyone who has ever used it and they will tell you it's well worth it.
GOTA KOLA Gota Kola is known as the "memory herb." It stimulates circulation to the brain. It's considered to be one of the best nerve tonics. Many people use Gota Kola to increase learning ability.
(Queen of the Meadow)
Excellent remedy for gravel and stones in the kidney and bladder.
GREEN BARLEY Extremely nutritious and an excellent antioxidant. Considered by many to help anything in the body that needs help. Twice the fiber of Oat Bran and 12 times more chlorophyll.
HAWTHORN Hawthorn is highly regarded for its benefit to the heart. It is used to strengthen and regulate the heart. Good for people under stress. Useful in treating high and low blood pressure. Very effective in relieving insomnia.
HENNA (EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds.)
HIBISCUS FLOWER Makes a deep red tea. Useful as a stimulant for the intestines and kidneys.
(Blessed Thistle)
This plant is very soothing to the brain and strengthens the memory capacity. One of the best known remedies for migraine headaches. When taken, it goes to work cleansing the blood. Especially good for the liver, lung and kidney.
HOPS FLOWER Valuable for those with insomnia. Will produce sleep when nothing else will. Has been used successfully to decrease the desire for alcohol. Will tone liver.
HOREHOUND Very useful for acute or chronic sore throat and coughs.
Horsetail is rich in minerals, especially silica. Therefore, it makes for strong fingernails and hair, good for split ends. Studies have shown that fractured bones will heal much faster when horsetail is taken. Good for eyes, ears, nose, throat, and glandular disorders.
HO SHOU WU Excellent rejuvenator. Strengthens liver and kidneys.
HYDRANGEA ROOT Excellent for backaches caused by kidney trouble. Valuable in bladder troubles. Works wonderfully for those with severe rheumatism.
HYSSOP Here's another herb that has a score of beneficial effects on the body. Valuable for asthma. Excellent blood regulator. It has a splendid effect on the mucous lining of the stomach and bowels. Good remedy for any eye trouble.
JUNIPER BERRY A great herb to be used for kidney ailments. Helps the removal of waste products from the bloodstream. Excellent as a preventative for all diseases.
KAVA KAVA ROOT Will induce sleep and help calm nervousness. When taken as a tea at night, one will get a good restful sleep.
KELP Has a high content of natural plant iodine, for proper function of the thyroid. Iodine also is needed because it helps fight infection. Kelp has high levels of natural calcium, potassium, and magnesium (excellent for hair and nails).
LAVENDER FLOWER Excellent combined with other herbs that have a strong taste. Relaxes the body.
LECITHIN Proven to break up cholesterol, allowing it to pass through arterial walls, thereby helping to prevent arteriosclerosis. Lecithin promotes a healthy nervous system. It can also help to cleanse and purify the kidneys.
LICORICE ROOT This herb works as a mild laxative. Will strengthen both heart and circulatory system. Helps put vitality into the body. Has been used successfully for throat and injured throat muscles.
MA HUANG Cleanses the respiratory system. Keeps eyes bright.
MALVA FLOWER This herb can help soothe inflammation in the mouth and throat. Helpful for earaches.
MARJORAM A wonderful herb for general aches and pains. Splendid effect in combination with Chamomile and Gentian. Very beneficial for a sour stomach or loss of appetite.
MARSHMALLOW LEAF Does much to help, heal and soothe inflamed areas of the body. Works well for poor kidneys and bladder. For urinary problems, Marshmallow is useful.
MILK THISTLE HERB Excellent liver detoxifier.
MOTHERWORT This is one of the most useful remedies for suppressed menstruation and other female troubles. If one has a chest cold, great results come from taking Motherwort. Complaints of nervousness can be relieved with this herb.
MUGWORT This herb has traditionally been used for rheumatism and gout. Helps kidney and bladder. Splendid for female trouble, especially suppressed menstruation.
MULLEIN LEAF Mullein is high in iron, magnesium and potassium. Splendid for the entire respiratory system. Helps pulmonary ailments. Strengthens sinuses. Allows for free breathing. Mullein is very effective in relieving swollen joints.
MYRRH GUM Myrrh has been with us for thousands of years. This was one of the precious spices brought to our Lord Jesus when he was born. Cleans the colon and brings order to the digestive system. Removes bad breath. Has been called the herbal breath freshener. Sinus problems that have been with people for years have improved with the use of Myrrh.
NETTLE LEAF It is an excellent remedy for kidney trouble. This herb, in combination with seawrack, will bring splendid results in weight loss. Nettle Tea is good for fevers and colds. Most excellent remedy for dandruff. Will bring back the natural color of hair.
NUTMEG Nutmeg is probably in most kitchens, used as a seasoning. Nutmeg can also be used to help the body by preventing gas and fermentation in the stomach.
OREGANO LEAF This herb is much more than great tasting. Use as a warm, aromatic, spicy infusion to help settle the stomach after meals or to help treat a cold.
OREGON GRAPE ROOT This herb draws toxins from the blood, thereby cleansing the blood. Useful in helping rheumatism.
PAPAYA LEAF Very useful as a digestive stimulant. Contains the important enzyme papain. Relieves sour stomach.
Stimulates the appetite and gastric secretions.
PARSLEY LEAF Parsley is extremely high in iron. It has more iron than any other green vegetable. Parsley is excellent for removal of small kidney and gallstones.
PASSION FLOWER A pure and mild sedative. Very relaxing. Useful to calm nerves and blood pressure. A deterrent for alcoholism.
PATCHOULI LEAF Makes an excellent seasoning and refreshing tea.
PAU D'ARCO The Brazilian miracle herb that protects your immune system. It is an excellent disease preventative.
PENNYROYAL A wonderful herb to relieve high fevers. Brings on perspiration allowing for good circulation. Excellent remedy for toothaches and gout. Useful for skin diseases. The chest and lungs benefit from Pennyroyal too.
PEPPERMINT LEAF Everyone who drinks coffee should replace it with a cup of Peppermint Tea. Coffee brings so many harmful effects to the body. It weakens the heart, if bad for digestion, and can cause constipation. On the other hand, Peppermint has a very good taste and is a most splendid remedy for headaches. If more people used Peppermint, they would find their entire system working more normally. Excellent for sick headaches.
PLANTAIN LEAF This herb is one of the best remedies for cuts, any skin infections, and chronic skin problems. Because of its soothing properties, Plantain works well on a score of ailments. Useful for infections of all kinds, including hemorrhoids and inflammations.
PLEURISY ROOT One of the best herbs to break up a cold. Helps bronchial complaints.
POPPY SEED BLUE Excellent in the making of breads and desserts.
PRICKLY ASH BARK Has been traditionally used to increase circulation in the entire body. Splendid results occur when used for rheumatism and arthritis. Good for weak digestion. Makes a good blood purifier.
PRINCE'S PINE This herb is well noted for producing diuretic action without irritant side effects. Prolonged use of this herb tea is said to dissolve bladder stones. Recommended for rheumatism and chronic kidney problems.
PSYLLIUM SEED One of the best colon cleansers among herbs. Lubricant to the intestinal tract. Removes putrefactive toxins from the intestines.
RED CLOVER One of the best herbs we have because the body's entire system will benefit from Red Clover. Excellent to purify the blood. If Red Clover is taken freely, the results against acne and other skin problems will be amazing.
RED RASPBERRY LEAF Raspberry is very high in minerals, and a source of vitamins. Very help for all female organs and problems. It will decrease the menstrual flow without stopping it all together. Eases menstrual cramps.
RHUBARB ROOT Rhubarb root is a powerful laxative. Use in small amounts.
ROSE HIPS Have a very high content of Vitamin C. Is an infection fighter. Good for stress of all kinds. Researchers believe arteriosclerosis is a disease of Vitamin C deficiency.
SAFFLOWER Prevents and helps eliminate the buildup of uric and lactic acid in the body, the leading causes of gout.
SAFFRON A pure and natural digestive aid. Will soothe the entire digestive tract. Can relieve gout and arthritis. Promotes perspiration, therefore very helpful in colds and cold symptoms.
SANICLE Both root and leaves can be used. This is a powerful cleansing herb, one of the best. It is very effective internally as well as externally. Expels mucous and poisonous waste matter from the body.
SASPARILLA ROOT Splendid remedy for rheumatism and gout. Acts as a diuretic. Excellent in balancing both male and female hormones. Sasparilla has the same effects on the body as the male hormone testosterone, an important hair growing hormone.
SASSAFRAS LEAF AND ROOT Has a very useful effect on the blood system. Because it purifies the blood so well, it is excellent for all skin disorders, especially ailments such as acne. It stimulates the action of the liver to clear toxins from the body.
SAW PALMETTO BERRY Used for treating certain types of prostate infections. It is also sometimes used, in combination with other herbs, to treat prostate cancer. Some people use saw palmetto for colds and coughs, sore throat, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and migraineheadache. It is also used to increase urine flow (as a diuretic), to promote relaxation (as a sedative), and to enhance sexual drive (as an aphrodisiac).
SCULLCAP As a nerve sedative, Scullcap is one of the best herb remedies, because the entire nervous system is influenced in a calming and soothing way. Used as a hangover remedy. Helps digestion.
It is one of the best herbs to fight obesity. Has splendid effect on glandular afflictions. If one has been overweight for a long period of time without success in keeping the weight off, very satisfying results are found with the herb Seawrack.
SENNA LEAF Senna is a splendid laxative, but sometimes causes bowel cramps which can be overcome by using it with an aromatic herb.
SHEPHERD'S PURSE Very valuable remedy for diarrhea.
SHEEP SORREL Works especially well as remedy for kidney trouble. Also expels gravel from the kidneys. When the kidneys are functioning properly, the entire body will feel better and the skin will look much clearer.
SLIPPERY ELM BARK Here's one of those herbs that work well for many ailments. Slippery Elm Bark has been used to normalize bowel movement. Also beneficial for hemorrhoids and constipation. Helps to clean out the colon, aids digestion, most useful for diarrhea, remedy for kidney troubles, lung pain. Eases eye pain.
SOLOMON'S SEAL ROOT Mainly used for external problems. It makes a good poultice for bruises. Used as a wash for skin problems and blemishes.
SPEARMINT LEAF Spearmint has a wonderful taste and will help the body with many ailments. Will relieve suppressed, painful or scalding urine. Helpful for gas in the stomach. Very quieting and soothing to the nerves. All should have this herb in their home to help the body. NEVER BOIL SPEARMINT.
SPEEDWELL Excellent for respiratory ailments. It also has been used for stomach ailments and migraine headaches. Used as a gargle for mouth and throat sores.
SPIKENARD Excellent herb for skin ailments such as acne, pimples, blackheads, rashes and general skin problems. Very useful in coughs, colds and all chest afflictions.
STAR ANISE Promotes appetite and relieves flatulence. When added to other herbal teas, it helps improve their taste without disturbing their medicinal value.
ST. JOHN'S WORT Powerful as a blood purifier. Very good in cases of tumors and boils. Very good in chronic uterine problems. Will correct irregular menstruation.
STRAWBERRY LEAF Very few know the medicinal value of the strawberry. It tones up the system in general, will cleanse the stomach and is very useful in preventing diarrhea.
SUMAC BERRY & BARK A tea made of this herb is very cleansing to the system. For sores and cankers in the mouth, there is none superior. Works well for bowel complaints.
SUMMER SAVORY LEAF Essential cooking spice. Also useful in treating diarrhea, upset stomach and sore throat.
THYME LEAF Everyone uses Thyme in their kitchen to add flavor to food, but it has medicinal properties as well. Removes mucous from the head, lungs and respiratory passages. Fights infection. Brings pain relief to migraine headaches.
UVA - URSI LEAF Uva - Ursi herb is one of the most reliable remedies for bladder and kidney infections. Will cleanse and strengthen the spleen. It is a digestive stimulant.
VALERIAN ROOT Valerian is a wonderful gift from God. It has a most useful healing effect on the nervous system. Very quieting and calming. Good for entire circulatory system. Will promote sleep if taken as a tea at night. The drug Valium is synthetically made from Valerian Root. NEVER BOIL VALERIAN ROOT.
VERVAIN This herb should be in every home. A marvelous remedy for fevers. Will often clear a cold overnight. Good for expelling phlegm from throat and chest. Will expel worms when everything else fails. Excellent for shortness of breath and wheezing.
WHITE OAK BARK A very strong astringent. One of the best herbs for piles and hemorrhoids. Increases the flow of urine. Removes kidney stones and gallstones. Reduces fevers. Excellent for varicose veins. It may be used as a douche for vaginal infections.
WHITE WILLOW BARK Useful in all stomach troubles, especially sour stomach and heartburn. However, because of its pain relieving properties, it is mostly used for minor aches and pains in the body. It is mentioned in Egyptian Papyri, and Hypocrites prescribed it many times for pain and fevers.
WILD ALUM ROOT Wild Alum Root is a powerful astringent for the body. Very useful in cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. Excellent used as a rinse for sores in the mouth and bleeding gums. The powder of Wild Alum Root sprinkled on a wound or cut will help stop the bleeding immediately. Excellent to rid mucous and pus from the bladder and intestines.
WILD CHERRY Tones up the system. Loosens phlegm in the throat and chest. Asthma can improve with this herb.
WILD OREGON GRAPE ROOT It is a good blood purifier. Good for all uterine diseases, and chronic skin diseases. Useful for both liver and kidney troubles. (Same as Oregon Grape Root.)
WILD YAM ROOT Very relaxing and soothing to the nerves. For people who get excited easily, Wild Yam is most useful. It will also help expel gas from the stomach and bowels.
WINTERGREEN LEAF This is an old-time remedy. Taken in small frequent doses, it will stimulate the stomach, heart and respiration. Helpful for obstructions in the bowels. Valuable for colic and gas in the bowels.
WITCH HAZEL BARK & LEAF Will restore circulation. For stiff joints, Witch Hazel works wonderfully.
WOOD BETONY Betony is of great value for pain in the face and head. Opens obstructions of the liver and spleen. Cleans impurities from the blood. For indigestion, heartburn and cramps in the stomach, Betony is most beneficial.
WOODRUFF WOODRUFF - Woodruff is a very beneficial herb for gravel and bladder stones. Used as a calmative for nervous conditions such as restlessness, insomnia and hysteria. A tea made of this herb is good for relieving stomach pains. VERY POTENT in small doses.
WORMWOOD Compresses soaked in tea aid bruises and sprains. Traditionally used for expelling worms.
YARROW ROOT This is an extremely valuable herb to have on hand at all times. Yarrow is unsurpassed for flu and fevers. When Yarrow Root is used at the beginning, a cold usually breaks up within 24 hours. Yarrow has a very healing and soothing effect on mucous membranes.
YELLOW DOCK ROOT Most useful blood purifier, therefore good in all skin problems. Helps tone entire system.
YERBA SANTA Excellent for bronchial congestion as well as all chest conditions. Effective when there is much discharge from the nose. Good for rheumatism.
YOHIMBE Yohimbe acts as a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women.
YUCCA ROOT Reduces inflammation of the joints, therefore helpful for arthritic and rheumatoid problems. Makes an excellent hair and scalp treatment.

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