Perryton Texas - Wheatheart of the Nation.


Name: David Stewart
Date: December 26, 2000


Interesting webpage well done. Good use of color and graphics. If you know of a person whom I knew back in grade school who is a resident of Perryton, please pass this very warm greeting to Kelly Dryden Corby (?not sure of married name?). She and I (and several others too numerous to cite here) all grew up in Snyder, Texas. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy News Years!!!


Name: Pamela (Miller) Pollard
Date: December 26, 2000


My sister is talking about Drake's store on Eaton and Drake streets. We had a lot of fun growing up in Perryton. Good people always make good friends. I want to say hi to The Lamoureaux's, The Betty (Dorton) Rogers family, The Mannings, The Uselton's, The Hargus Family. Our uncle Don Cox lived most of his life in Perryton until his accident. His friends can e-mail me to keep in touch with his condition. Remember: A Smile of Success is a Smile for Life

Name: Billie Denise( Miller)  Heird
Date: December 17, 2000


I lived in Perryton from 70-75 from the third grade to the sixth. My fondest memories are the park with the tunnel. when i went back a few years ago for a visit it sure looked a lot smaller.Does anyone remember the store where you bought an icee and it had a gumball,if you got a black one you won a free icee.

Name: Larry Roberts
Date: December 17, 2000


Hello Perryton, Been gone for a while now. Just wanted to say Hello from New England. Hope Perryton continues to prosper. Sincerely, Larry Roberts

Name: Jim Brown
Date: December 15, 2000


I was hoping someone could run down to the coffee shop and kick Max Replogle (wife's uncle)out before he tells another joke or orders another cup of coffee. He needs to get busy doing his regular job - watching grass grow on the local golf course.

Name: Heather Graham Jines
Date: November 16, 2000


Bored at work one day and decided to check to see if even Perryton has joined the .com world- surprised to say the least. I was a 1995 graduate. Funny, I am reading through all these entries and all the memories about Perryton. I guess I am keeping it straight in my mind. Perryton is out in the middle of nowhere-it's ugly out there!! There is not a thing to do. I remember moving to Dallas to go to college and thinking it was so beautiful and soooo fun! I think back on Perryton like a different life. It is so wonderfuly different out there in the real world. I could never, ever live in Perryton again. All though it is nice to visit.

Name: B. Avant
Date: November 15, 2000


you still live in our hearts!

Name: Bethany Petersen and Sara Congdon
Date: November 12, 2000


Man, we sure wish we could live in Perryton! It would be a blast. Especially the "featured attractions" (Josh Castor and Justin Joyner). Yes, we would have a lot of fun. :) hee hee... But you know, "ya'll" could always come visit us! But we'll come visit you guys someday too, on our road trip!! I can't wait. (Neither can Bethany haha) And we could play cards all night long!! ("So this is like black jack!!" oh I'm a big goon...) Hey! Josh- what game never gets boring? :) umm... tennis of course! HAHAHA

~*~*~*~*~*~*WE MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lots and lots and lots of love, Sara and Bethany

Date: November 05, 2000


Hey yall I just wanted to say that i wish i was there right now i moved to Perryton at the age of 5 and left at the age of 11. It sucks that i have soccer and basketball 24/7 even in the summer so i can never come and visit but hopefully some day i will..... all though iowa is so much bigger and lots more shopen perryton is my home!!

Name: Scott Doores
Date: October 26, 2000


Thanks to all of the people that made the 2000 reunion possible. It was a great time.


Name: Cris "Newton" Krittenbrink
Date: October 22, 2000


Just browsing - I lived in Perryton for about 15 years, moving in 1971 at the age of 15. I still consider it home. This is a great site.

Date: October 11, 2000


Name: Tim Healey
Date: October 11, 2000


I was born in Perryton in 1962 and lived there until I graduated High School in 1980. Although I have lived in Kansas for sometime, I visit often and miss not only Perryton, but Texas in general. I especially miss the lack of state income tax and property tax on vehicles! I attended the 2000 Reunion and had the greatest time of my life. (Well, one of the greatest.) One last comment. As I am President and owner of the McGrath Group, a Topeka Kansas advertising agency and I am not in jail, I wanted to let my former teachers (especially Mrs. Cooper) know that, gee, I made something of myself after all!

Name: Charlotte Stefanik Dickey
Date: October 11, 2000


I lived in Perryton from 1965-1968. That's when my house burnt down. My Mother, Delores Snyder, was the manager of Green,s Cafe. Is it still there? I attended 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at Central Elementary and Perryton Junior High. We lived in a mobile home behing 509 S Amherst St. I would like to contact a close friend of my Mother's. Her name is Lillian Rock. She has a son, Johnny, that is about 46 years old now. My Mother is in very poor health and it would really be a blessing to re-unite them! I have really enjoyed your website and I now reside in Dallas. I would be extremely grateful if you would return my email. Thank you and Bod Bless Perryton!

Name: Sandra Lockwood Godfrey
Date: October 06, 2000


Thanks to all who put on a great 2000 Reunion. It was wonderful seeing so many people. Thanks to all the class secretaries who worked so hard to make this such a memorable occasion. Class of 70 is still the BEST!! Perryton was a great little town to grow up in, especially when you move to Austin and have to fight this traffic everyday!! Hook 'em

Name: Patrik
Date: September 30, 2000


Well Well Nicklas aint just coming to see me that's for sure, the ones who know knows what i mean

Name: Nicklas Keijser
Date: September 30, 2000


Hi Perryton :)

I comming to visit Perryton in october to see a my frien Patrik from sweden that moved over there... See yaa

Nicklas Sweden

 John Lilly
September 29, 2000

  Benny Easter
  September 24, 2000

PHS Class of 1956. All State Band (French horn)1954, 1955 and 1956

Gary Hurse
September 23, 2000

I recently interviewed for the GM position at North Plains Electric Cooperative and have been selected for the job. My wife and I were very impressed with the people in the Perryton community.

We found the staff at PISD to be very professional and willing to answer any questions. The business people were very informative and spent time with us answering questions related to our business needs.

We are looking forward to our move to Perryton and wanted to express our appreciation to everyone that helped us. Thank you for your friendly and hospitable welcome.

Gary L. Hurse & Family

Thank you for your freindly and hospitable welcome.

Gary L. Hurse & Family

  Sherrie Stroud
  September 16, 2000

My husband and I used to live in Perryton and still have many friends there. We really enjoyed living in Perryton.

  Leslie Brown Frederick
  September 16, 2000

Great hometown!

  Kathy Drescher
  September 15, 2000

Our family was searching the web for Hank the Cowdog info, and we saw the link for Perryton, so we just thought we would drop in for a visit! This is really a nice site. My mother's family is still in Perryton, so we REALLY feel like Hank the Cowdog is part of our extended family. We are currently living in Indonesia, and we have hauled Hank the Cowdog books half way around the world, since we can't find them here. But our 8 year old son did find the books in Singapore on a recent trip there! We were suprised and thrilled!

Name: Gnanse Nelson
Date: September 12, 2000

Perryton native, Earl Milo Nelson, born. 08/11/20, passed away Saturday, August 26, 2000 at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, Baytown, TX at age 80. He is survivied by his wife, Mildred Clark Nelson, and three children, Gary, Virginia and Gnanse.

Joe Goss
August 27, 2000

Chris Jacobsen
August 25, 2000

Hi to all, I grew up in Beaver, Ok. and now live in Sioux Falls, SD. My dad was born in Perryton along with his three younger brothers and I still have relation there.  Enjoyed visiting there when I was younger, I graduated high school in 1989 and have been back on a few occasions since, really miss Sonic though.

Allen Fitts
August 02, 2000

It was a thrill to visit the top of Texas and see the Wheatheart of the Nation.  Perryton is beautiful.  I am even considering moving there myself soon.

Jamie Huston
July 30, 2000

I'm working on my family tree and hope somebody there can help me past a dead end-- I know that my dad's father came from Perryton.  George Andrew Huston was born there in 1890, and his parents, John Henry Huston and Ellen Pamela Hoover were both also from Perryton.  Can you send me any information on them, like birth/marriage/death dates, further ancestors, anything?  I'd really appreciate it?  Say... do I have any relatives there now?  

O. Bennett
July 21, 2000

Hi!  Just chking up on good old Perryton.  I sure miss it & the people.  It is a great place to live (or was when we lived there 4 yrs. ago)  

When is the "The Perryton Herald" going to get on-line.  I still subscribe to the paper to keep up on the news, just wish I could get it sooner.  On the web would be great.  

Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone back there.  Would love to hear from anyone interested in writing.

David Kincannon
July 20, 2000

The Red Dirt Pedalers is a bicycle club in Stillwater, OK and we are making plans for a bike ride across the Oklahoma panhandle in October. Perryton to Liberal, KS may be the route we take. This website provides good information of places to stay and eat. Anyone interested in this joining this ride is welcome. Visit us at for more about our club including photos from several rides. 
If anyone one has useful local information such as good roads or bad roads, best place for pancakes, "you'll be smelling pig farms the whole way" (I hope not), or "we don't like your kind" (because of the tight bike shorts and brightly colored jerseys) it would be appreciated. 
By the way, the only reason we would leave TEXAS for Kansas would be because of a south tailwind.

Douglas Parman
July 17, 2000

I was born in Perryton on 9/17/52 visited in 1984 

Wayne Hogan
July 01, 2000


June 24, 2000

I just wanted to  say that Tyler Y. is HOT!!!!
That's all

Jim Cline
June 20, 2000

We are looking for motel accommodations for 1st weekend in August; will be there to attend Canadian High School Reunion.  I was hoping you had a Holiday Inn Express, but don't seem to locate one.  Are any of your motels affiliated with a national chain?  If not, which one is newest?  And, are you able to recommend one?


John Hoover

May 30, 2000

Please send me some information about your town,

John Hoover
301 Granny B
Brock, Texas 76066

Linda Ingram
May 11, 2000

Went to high school at PHS and had the most wonderful years of my life! Am so surprised to find this web page and would like to thank whoever set it up... Hello to all the alumni, citizens and friends from "Home".

Steffy Maple
May 09, 2000

I was so happy to find a site that had ex-student e-mails.  I grew up in Perryton and lost touch with many of my friends when I was 7 or 8 years old...with the help of this site I am now in contact with three of them. thank you so much...


              Steffy Maple

Jerry Bryan
May 06, 2000

Graduated 1968, and been in Perryton most of my life. I have been in business here for the past 23yrs. Come see me at 806 Industrial rd. JL BRYAN EQUIP. CO.

May 03, 2000

This town rules

Janette Tarango

May 03, 2000

Tommy & Cheryl Hargues
April 26, 2000

This site has been very interesting, I never knew all of the history behind the town of Perryton, I was born here in 1959, my wife was born and raised in Pampa, I have very strong roots in Perryton, I have always loved to visit there. 

If you go down to a place called Hargues Corner, tell my little brother Jerry hello, and my Aunt Dixie, and tell Ricky and Danny to get to work.


kelly jines krashin

April 13, 2000


I live in California.

Herb and Sadie Jines are my grandparents.

Bryan Swartz
April 10, 2000

I might be interested in rental property, house for a small family.  Is there any rental property in or around Perryton? 

Myles simmpson
March 31, 2000

Gabe Romero
March 30, 2000

Hey, isn't it strange being 12 hours away but still see 
Perryton to all it is? Hmmm, makes you wonder eh? I just 
thought I would stop in for a visit. Which in fact 
Perryton is one of my links located at my homepage (I had 
to update and redo the whole thing from scratch). If 
you'll wanna check it out, it's 

Take care guys!

Sharon Mayer
March 27, 2000

Just needed your email address to add to my directory.  Thanks.

Greg Campbell
March 25, 2000

Dear Sirs,
   After requesting info about airport I thought I was being ignored. Guess I should chill out. Your page was very impressing and had alot of information. My sister and her husband moved there recently, so I will be visiting your town frequently. I was impressed on my last visit. You have a very nice city.
                                      Greg Campbell
                                      Garden City, Kansas

Jaton Tigrett
March 23, 2000

If I could have had my choice of places to grow up, I'd have still chosen Perryton!


March 13, 2000

hey this is cool i think you need a better pic. of perryton
though.   thanks keely r.

(did you click on small pic?)

Greg Campbell

Peter Kakaire-Maleevu




Steve Lesly

Kali Luther

Rhett Poore


Eric North

Im Doing A School Report On Ochiltree County And This Site Helped Me ACE it

James Petty

It's been a long time since I've been to Perryton, and I thought I would browse your web site and see if I knew anyone.

Michael Sammons

Hey everybody, I was just seeing how good old P-town is doing.

Bonita McKinley

1967 Grad. Married to 1968 Grad. Zack. Am now in internet business with #3 ISP. If anyone is interested in earning extra income with the internet please e-mail me and I will give you details. Enjoyed the Perryton home page. Bonita

Jim and Joyce McLarty

We enjoy visiting your museum. It is a nice place to reminisce since my grandparents were pioneers in old Ochiltree,Texas and then later in Perryton. They owned several businesses in both towns.

Mark Goodman

I will be flying into the Perryton Airport next Tuesday, January 18 and would like to know if a courtesy car is available? If not, do you have a car rental location or taxi service available. Several of us in the party will need to find transportation to the Perryton Club. How far is the Airport from the Perryton Club?

Regards Mark Goodman

Nichole Smith

I really like it that I can get on the internet and look up my home town. If you know me don't be afraid of e-mailing me. Live in Nebraska. See ya'll latter

Chuck Shockley

It is a heart warming feeling to see my hometown on the web. I have looked over the spread and find it making me homesick. It truely brings back great memories of school, church, and daily events that took place while I was growing up. There is no place like home. Hope to visit soon and also attend the reunion. Love you all, Chuck Shockley '69

1/LT William Martin Kitts USMC

Your home town was Perryton. University of Texas, Austin 1959 & NAAS Chase Field, Beeville, TX If you understand this reference, let me know how to contact you if you would like me to do so.

Angela Price

I liked your website.Iwentto school in Perryton when I was in the sixth grade and all I can say about Perryton is that its a peaceful town to live in.With the open fields and wheat fields.Perryton is a very lovely town I'm hoping to go back there some day and visit my relatives.



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